"That Was The Whiskey is an absolute hit." - Amy Ray, Indigo Girls
"Antigone Rising is carrying on the feral spirit of The Runaways." - Joan Jett

90% to our Girl Bands Rock Goal!  

In 24 hours, Antigone Rising will embark to Germany for our first ever European headlining tour! While there, we will have the privilege of performing 4 amazing Girl Bands Rock outreaches.  

Girl Bands Rock is a nonprofit (501c3) we created to inspire young girls and LGBT youth! Learn more about it HERE!

We are 90% funded to successfully perform these outreaches for Syrian refugees, LGBT Youth in Cologne and Berlin, and over 500 young high school girls in the Heidenheim area! 

Please consider making a tax deductible donation TODAY so that when we board the plane tomorrow we are FULLY FUNDED! 

Girl Bands Rock Outreach in Germany!  

Antigone Rising will be touring Germany in May and June, 2016. We will be doing several club, theater and festival dates by night and on our days off we have scheduled several Girl Bands Rock outreaches:

Girl Bands Rock - Germany Outreach Workshops 

5/27: Refugee Camp in Berlin with a focus on: Music, bringing joy, basic equality messages (similar to Middle East tour) to refugees who recently came to Germany, mostly from Syria 

5/28: LGBT youth group Berlin with a focus on: LGBT and Antigone Rising’s career in music to LGBTQ youth from Berlin between 14 and 29 years 

5/31: LGBT youth group Cologne with a focus on: LGBT and Antigone Rising’s career in music to young women between 16 and 24 years 

6/2: High schools in Heidenheim area with a focus on: Antigone Rising’s career in music, general empowerment, some LGBT to 500 high-school students from two high-schools, 16-18 years 

Be sure to follow along on all of our social media platforms. We will be posting from all of our events! 
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Order your Official 2nd Annual BeachFest Shirt Online NOW!  

Our 2nd Annual BeachFest shirts are available to order online now! Want the band to tie dye your white shirt? With a tax deductible donation to Girl Bands Rock, the ladies of AR will do just that for you! Check out all the details in our online store NOW! 

Thomas & Kate eat ice pops for breakfast and wear BeachFest shirts to school!


Our good friend Merry sporting her new BeachFest Thermal pre-tie dye!
 Nini hard at work!


Antigone Rising's 2nd Annual BeachFest is sponsored by Capitol One!

  • Seven year old Super Bowl champs! #seacliffseahawks
    Seven year old Super Bowl champs! #seacliffseahawks
  • #weareorlando
  • #weareorlando
  • #truth #argermany2016 #girlbandsrock
    #truth #argermany2016 #girlbandsrock
  • Final stop of the tour: Blacksheep Festival in Bad Rapineau! #argermany2016 #girlbandsrock
    Final stop of the tour: Blacksheep Festival in Bad Rapineau! #argermany2016 #girlbandsrock
  • Hendo sibs #argermany2016 #girlbandsrock
    Hendo sibs #argermany2016 #girlbandsrock
  • Girl Bands Rock outreach today in Heidenheim, Germany! #girlbandsrock #argermany2016
    Girl Bands Rock outreach today in Heidenheim, Germany! #girlbandsrock #argermany2016
  • Photo by Frank Wesp
    Photo by Frank Wesp
  • On our way up 533 steps to the top of the Cologne Dome #argermany2016 #girlbandsrock
    On our way up 533 steps to the top of the Cologne Dome #argermany2016 #girlbandsrock
  • Church? What church? #argermany2016 #girlbandsrock
    Church? What church? #argermany2016 #girlbandsrock

Kristen & wife Sarah Kate Ellis on the cover of Time Magazine's historical DOMA issue - April 8, 2013