Described by Melissa Etheridge as "A rock band with a big, bold sound" Antigone Rising is really just an average all-female trio on a mission to empower young girls everywhere. Consisting of singer/songwriter Nini Camps, powerhouse guitarist Cathy Henderson and multi-instrumentalist Kristen Ellis-Henderson, the New York based threesome earned their stripes touring small clubs and theaters. So many shows played, in fact, the band has earned memories. As Cathy Henderson often and jokingly will tell you, "Our pockets are full of them." 

  Of course, memories and stripes are not the only things Antigone Rising have earned. In recent years they have amassed a reputation as a rock band with a mission to inspire girls to shatter glass ceilings through their nonprofit, Girls Rising. While touring alongside The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and most recently Melissa Etheridge have given the band plenty of street credibility, it’s paying it forward to young kids now that gives the Long Island based trio a renewed focus that comes across in their music. 

  The band's latest release, True Joy (2022), enlists a multitude of female artists behind the scenes. From grammy winning songwriters, to producers, engineers and mixers, an A list of female talent was employed to create the album. Once recorded, female directors, editors and graphic designers were used wherever possible to help Antigone Rising present their vision of marrying mission to music. 

  True Joy album highlights include the song “Avalanche”, a powerful anthem of female empowerment, “Right There With You”, a southern rock blues ballad, and “Badlands”, a song co-written with Grammy award winning songwriter, Lori McKenna in which the band's harmonies 
nod in the direction of Crosby, Stills and Nash.